Explore where you are and where you want to be! Address any fears and gain a clear action plan to overcome what’s holding you back from expressing your true self. If you are unsure where to turn or what experience you need to move forward, this phone call is your answer!

    • Gain clarity to your current situation
    • Visualization experience of your future self
    • An increase in confidence after only 60 minutes!
    • The next step to take to get you closer to realizing your dreams

“After my coaching call, I realized I needed to move to achieve happiness. I’m living in a small city without support and encouragement. Leanne showed me in a clear manner what I need to do to start moving forward.” ~~Mike

“I’m so grateful I did this call. Being able to finally openly share myself with someone and really get a new direction to my thoughts has helped me immensely. Leanne is a great coach! I now have options I didn’t know about before.” ~~ Leah

$73.50 plus 13%tax