Eyebrow Grooming Essentials

I thought the eyebrow craze was going to be a quick phase, but it’s going as strong as ever! Here are some quick and easy pointers to make your brow grooming easy and gorgeous!

The Purpose of Eyebrows

Humans have eyebrows to keep sweat and dirt from getting into our eyes. Eyebrows also convey a  lot of expression when we are communicating with people. So when grooming your brows, remember to keep actual hairs in place and keep your brows in a neutral arch so you don’t look angry, surprised or confused all the time!

Tools Needed for Eyebrow Grooming

A basic pair of tweezers is the most essential for at home grooming. You may also want a small comb or disposable mascara wand to train hairs in the right direction. Other supplies you may wish to use are brow gel, and either mineral powder eye shadow, applied with an angle brush or a brow pencil. If you choose to use makeup, be sure to choose a shade the same colour as your natural eyebrow, and no sparkles. Numbing creams can be found at a drug store if you have a low pain tolerance. Typically, hair removal hurts more the first few times, then your body is accustomed to it, and it’s not so bad.

Where to Begin

Eyebrow grooming chart from cosmopolitan.com

Take a pencil and place one end at the edge of your nostril, angled straight up beside your eye (A). Where the edge of the pencil sits is where your brow begins. If you tilt the pencil to the outer corner of your eye, this is where your eyebrow ends (D). Tilt the pencil one more time, through the pupil of your eye, and this is where your arch should be (B,C). You may wish to mark these points with a brow pencil or other removable marker.

Now you have a basic outline of where to groom.

My Eyebrows are so Bushy!

If, after doing this, you discover your eyebrows are straight across, growing onto your eyelids, or way over on the side of your face, don’t worry! If you want to groom your eyebrows gradually, just make sure you do it evenly on both sides. Brow grooming will help open your eye and your face. It will give you more room to put eye makeup. Grooming  will also make you look younger, as heavy brows can weigh down and darken your eyes.

As this photo illustrates, you should remove hairs outside of the pink dot area. Hairs above the nose, between eyes should be removed first. Hairs growing on your eyelid and under brow bone should be removed. And last, remove any hairs extending beyond the outer corner of your eye. Groom from below, not the top of your brow, unless you have stray hairs growing on your forehead area. Remember to stand back, away from the mirror, frequently, to examine your results.

Once these hairs are removed, you will be amazed at how open and light your face looks! If this is all the grooming you want to do, it will be enough.

How Thick Should my Brows be?

Truly I think this is personal preference. Just as the frame of a painting can be thick, thin, plain or ornate, your brows should enhance and focus attention to your eyes and face. Eyebrows should not shock or surprise other people! Eyebrows also shouldn’t alter your expression making you look angry or surprised all the time. If you follow the natural shape of your brow bone and smile often at yourself while grooming, your natural, beautiful brow shape will emerge.

Advanced Grooming

Once you have your desired brow shape for everyday life, you may wish to enhance it more with cosmetics.

Brow gel will hold hairs in place throughout the day. Brow gel has a wand like mascara and it’s basically hair gel for your brows. Use brow gel to set powder colour.

Mineral Powder Eye Shadow and an Angle Brush can even out colour and fill in sparse areas in your brows. Powder colour is used when you already have hairs and wish to either darken them or fill in areas. Available at Lesada online store.

Eyebrow Pencils are used to draw on brows where there are no hairs at all. If you are using brow pencils, choose a shade lighter than your head hair colour. Take small strokes to mimic tiny hairs and definitely map out a starting, ending and arch point before you begin. Remember brows are like sisters, not twins, so it’s okay if they aren’t perfectly alike. Just be sure to give yourself a neutral expression without a huge arch.

When to Seek Professional Help

Many options are available to combat eyebrow grooming problems. There is waxing, threading, tweezing and tinting available. If you are feeling daunted, I would suggest seeking professional help the very first time you want to groom. This will lay the foundation for future at-home tweezing and give you a guide to follow.

Eyebrow Fails

My twelve year old daughter and her friend were giggling about eyebrows fails they had seen. My daughter said “You don’t want your brows to look like they were sponsored by Nike!” And that there, sums up everything you need to know about brow grooming! I will leave you with some funny pictures I found on the internet…


Mature Makeup Tips

As we age, our bodies and skin change, so must our makeup application habits and routines. Most YouTube videos and other instructional aides are geared to younger women, with already flawless skin and features, making learning cosmetics at an older age frustrating. But, it’s easier than you think to have a glowing, beautiful face over the age of 50! Read these mature makeup tips to find out how to solve problematic issues of mature skin and features.

Wrinkles and Fine Lines

The number one complaint of most mature people is the condition of their skin. Skin can lose elasticity and become thinner and papery over time. Practicing a good skin care routine can hinder the effects of aging. But if you already have loose, sagging, wrinkled skin, these simple practices can help minimize those conditions.

Ensure your foundation is the right colour. Many older women make the mistake of choosing the wrong foundation colour. A shade too light will make you look ill, sallow or saggy. Too dark or orangey will highlight lines and darken features in the wrong places. If you’re unsure about your colour, ask a cosmetics assistant when purchasing with mature makeup needs.

Use Foundation Primer. Foundation primer gives you a good base for your foundation. Primer fills in fine lines and wrinkles with a clear coat. Because of this, you don’t need to use as much foundation, minimizing caking and build up in your pores and wrinkles. Foundation primer is an absolute must at any age!

Foundation Primer, available at Lesada

Less is more. As you age, facial hair lightens and thins, reducing the amount of concealers required to cover beard shadow. Highlighting and contouring is less important as well. Skin imperfections such as acne and redness also reduce in maturity. All this means you don’t need to apply as much concealer or foundation, reducing the heavy, cakey look many mature women tend to have.

Choose Creams over Powders

I can’t say it enough, cream colours on mature faces are the very best mature makeup choice.

Cream Eye Colours – Eyelids become very loose and droopy in people over the age of 50. Powder eye colours don’t stick well and can shift or smear on loose lids. It’s also very difficult to apply powder colours to eyelids that move around a lot. Using a cream colour is simple with your fingertip or brush. Cream eye shadow does not crease, fade or shift after application.

Cream Blush – Cream blush on your fingertip works into fine lines much easier than trying to grind a powder into wrinkles with a brush. Be sure to place blush high on your cheek bones to avoid exaggerating sagging cheeks.

Liquid Foundation – Just as with eye or cheek make up, liquid foundation gives a softer, warmer tone on your skin and will not build up or crease during wear. Apply with fingertips, a sponge or brush for a soft, blended look.

Lighten and Brighten

Over time, eyes can darken, especially if hidden behind glasses. If you wear glasses, or your eyes have sunken with age, lighten your eye makeup colours. Choose matte, soft colours in light taupes, creams and beiges. If you want to add colour or sparkle, do so sparingly to the outer corners or a touch in the middle of your lid. Avoid heavy eyeliners, false lashes or dark colours that will only drag down and sag your look more. A light application of mascara to the top lashes is all the mature makeup you’ll need to lighten your look and open your eyes.

Lighten eye makeup behind shadowy glasses

Accentuate Faded Features

Many people over the age of 50 lose features that were once prominent, such as eyebrows and hairlines. Make sure your mature makeup looks complete! Fill in fading brows, highlight cheek bones and darken lashes with cosmetics to complete your face. Lips can thin with age too, so use a lip liner to plump up your look and accentuate your smile. Lip liner also prevents lipstick from bleeding into fine lines around your mouth.

Accentuate brows, cheek bones, lip lines and lashes to complete your look

Failing Eyesight

Putting makeup on when you need to wear glasses can be tricky! Invest in a magnifying mirror and good lighting. Most of your makeup can be applied while wearing glasses. You might like to try a long handled brush to put on simple eye makeup while wearing your glasses.

With these simple tips, you will be well on your way to achieving a glowing, more youthful look. If you still need more tips or hands on instruction, book a cosmetics lesson at Lesada or via Skype!

Confidence can develop and grow at any age, so don’t waste another minute, try a new, mature makeup look today! Find the products you need at Lesada.


Summer Beauty Tips for Crossdressers to Beat the Heat

With summer fast approaching, most people start thinking about the beach, picnics, fun in the sun and and other outdoor activities. But what if you don’t want to go out because you’re afraid your face will melt off?! Don’t let the summer heat ruin your fun or your makeup. These Summer Beauty tips will be sure to keep you looking fresh, and feeling fun and playful in the Summer Heat!

Summer Beauty Makeup Tips for your Foundation

  • Double check your colour. As your skin tans in the summers rays, you will need to change your foundation colour. You’ll want to look as natural as possible without using a ton of foundation. The best way to do this is to ensure you are using the right colour.
  • Try a CC Cream. CC stands for complexion corrector. It is a light liquid application, thinner than liquid foundation. Many CC Creams also have SPF protection in them. Use a CC cream on your forehead, cheeks, chin and nose just to even out your skin tone and blend any concealers you might be using.
  • Powder it up! Use a foundation or translucent powder on your face after applying your foundation. Powder helps diminish oiliness, shininess and helps to keep your makeup from shifting. Pack some in your purse with a brush for quick touch ups throughout the day.
  • Use blotting papers. Available from most cosmetics counters, blotting papers are discreet little pieces of tissue paper that you can use to control oil and sweat on your face. Unlike a Kleenex, it won’t rub your makeup off, it will just soak up any oil or sweat from your skin. Other products you might like to try are oil mattifiers and foundations specifically designed for oily skin.

Summer Beauty Makeup Tips for your Eyes

  • Lighten your look with pale colours. Use light eye colours such as beige, creams, light pinks and pale browns. If you are prone to sweating, these lighter colours won’t be as noticeable if they happen to run or smear out of place.
  • Use Cream Eye Colours. Cream eye shadow comes in a small pot and is applied with a brush or your finger. Once on, it stays in place much better than mineral eye shadows. They do not crease, smear or run. Cream eye shadows are perfect for hot, sweaty, or oily eye lids.
  • Try waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is not to be used daily, but if you are going to be swimming, sweating a lot, or crying at a summer wedding, waterproof is the way to go.
Lighten your look with pale, natural colours for your eyes, lips and foundation

Summer Beauty Tips for your Lips

  • Use a lip liner. Have you ever experienced your lipstick bleeding beyond your lip line? That’s because you didn’t use a liner to create a barrier. Lip liners will keep your lipstick from migrating off your lips and will hold it in place longer.
  • Lighten up with lip gloss. Dash out the door and off to a picnic with a smack of lip gloss! Lip gloss is already in a liquid state, so you don’t need to worry about it melting or smearing on your face.
  • Lighten your look with pale colours. Same as for your eyes, choose lighter lip colours such as pale pink, apricot or a light golden colour.

Other Fun Summer Beauty Tips

  • Wear SPF protection. There’s nothing worse than a red, sunburned, skin-peeling  nose or shoulders. Do yourself and your health a favour by using sunscreen.
  • Wear a hat.  Wearing a big-brimmed hat will shade your face, keep you cooler, and in turn ensure your makeup is kept intact. Plus, hats are super fun and will turn heads in a positive way!
  • Tie your hair back. With your hair off your neck and face, you’ll feel cooler and sweat less.

If you follow these simple summer beauty makeup tips, you can go out, worry-free to enjoy some fun in the sun! Do you have some great beauty hacks you want to share? Comment below!

How To Look Younger in an Instant!

Here’s a Super Quick Tip to Look Younger in an Instant!

How can you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in an instant? Try this simple tip for a smoother, younger looking face.

Before applying your foundation, apply a small amount of moisturizer to your face and neck. Wait a moment for it to work it’s magic, then apply foundation primer.

What is Foundation Primer?

Foundation Primer is like paint primer when you’re painting a wall – it fills in any fine lines and imperfections and creates a smooth surface for your foundation.

Foundation primer is clear, so it helps with clean up too. The clear primer will be in your pores and fine lines, not the colour of your makeup, so it makes cleaning your face, much easier.

Foundation primer acts as a base for your face! Face makeup that is, and helps your makeup last longer longer, look brighter, and because you’ve applied a good base primer, you don’t need to use as much makeup, which becomes more cost effective in the long run.

Sometimes the things you can’t see, are the most powerful things in your supply.


Can you see the difference? I used a dark foundation so it’ll show up better on camera, but you can tell my left hand has only foundation on it. My right hand I moisturized and applied primer. What a difference! You can’t see my wrinkles as much and the foundation went on much smoother and lighter. I only used about half the amount of foundation to get a better, smoother coverage.

Lesada sells foundation primer, as well as all the cosmetics and brushes you need to create a lovely, soft look. Contact me today so I can help you with your cosmetic needs! Or book a lesson, so you can try the products before you buy!


How To Pack Like Pro

How to Pack Like Pro

How To Pack To Keep Your Pretty Things Pretty

Let’s face it, crossdressers have secret, pretty things hidden away in a duffle bag in the back reaches of their closet! But wouldn’t it be lovely if your items were still beautiful and not a dusty, wrinkled mess after being in storage? Here are a few tips on how to pack like a pro to keep your pretty things pretty!

Your bag should be large enough to hold everything, with several exterior and interior pockets. Separate your shoes, jewellery, cosmetics, wigs, clothes, padding into appropriate storage within your bag. 

How to Pack Everyday Items

  • How to Pack Shoes: Put shoes in a velvet shoe bag or an exterior pocket. Shoes will be protected from dust. Everything else in your bag will be protected from getting poked by a high heel!
  • How to Pack Small Items: All make up, jewellery, hair & nail accessories, scarves, pantyhose, slips, panties, etc can be stored in a cosmetic roll up bag.  It’s amazing how much these roll ups hold! Find what you are looking for quickly in a bag with clear pockets.
  • How to Pack cosmetics: Cosmetics should be stored in a cosmetic roll up bag as well. Divide everything into the different pockets in categories. Foundations, concealers and blush in one pocket; eye makeup in another; lipstick in a third and disposable applicators, sponges, Q-tips, brushes, etc in the last pocket. Everything will be clean, organized and you will save tons of time by not searching for things when you are getting dressed.
  • How to Pack Clothes: Carefully wrap all clothing in tissue paper and roll tightly. This not only saves you a ton of space, but, when done carefully, minimizes many wrinkles. There’s nothing worse than finally being able to slip into that silky blouse and finding it a wrinkled disgrace. Look for synthetic fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant.

How to Pack Feminization Items

  • How to Pack Wigs: Wigs should be kept in a pretty, decorative cardboard box or zip closure bag. Place a wad of tissue paper inside the cap of the wig, wrap a hairnet around the entire wig. Pack tissue paper around it before placing in the bag or box.  Do this to minimize static and keep your wig from becoming crushed or tangled.
  • How to Pack Padding: Silicone breast forms and other pads should be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in an interior or exterior pocket in your duffle bag. Keep them away from high heel shoes or disaster could strike!
  • Add a photo album to your bag with photos of yourself or inspirational photos to help you when you are looking to add to your secret bag.

With these basic practices in place, you will love unpacking your secrets and will feel pretty in the process! Take care of your lovely things and honour them in the way they deserve.