Thankful Endings

As I wind down my business of Lesada, I am left wondering what to do next and what to do with the remnants of Lesada. We are always transitioning, aren’t we? Perhaps you are like me as you transition from man to woman. Are you left wondering what to do with things that were once important in your life, but now mean nothing? Let’s take a look at some of those things.


We take photos for many reasons. Photos help us remember special times, places, people and events. Photos can be used temporarily to show others things like trip scenery or a cool item we found in a store. So what to do with photos of yourself when it’s no longer yourself? In my opinion, I think we should only hold onto things that bring us joy. If the photo reminds you of a wonderful memory, keep it. If the photo makes you proud of how far you’ve come since it was taken, keep it. But if it casts a shadow on your life and brings up memories you wish to forget, get rid of it. I am pleased to say, that all the photos of my clients and times I spent with Lesada are very happy, proud moments, and I will be keeping them dear.


I’m left with a stack of Lesada postcards, business cards and product stickers that are no good to anyone. But I love them and I spent money on them and it seems like a waste to throw them out. But perhaps it’s a waste to hold onto them. Things like this turn into clutter and take up space for new things that the universe is trying to fit into my life. What sort of things are you holding onto that mean something only to you? Maybe it’s an old driver’s licence, articles of clothing, manly colognes or jewellery. Whatever it might be, purge those things and leave a space for your new life to enter.

Hold onto mementos and photos that bring you joy, release the rest.

Spaces in Your Life

Another thing I am left with is the studio of Lesada. The heart of everything, where all the transformations took place. What will become of it now? My husband keeps whispering “Man Cave” in my ear, but no, it will not ever be that! Do you have a space in your life that is crying out for a transformation as well? Maybe it’s time to redecorate your home to reflect your feminine life. Try replacing your bedding for something more feminine or switching out the pillows on your couch. A coat of paint creates a magical transformation with little investment. This article can help you feminize your office. Look around you with new eyes and re-imagine your rooms with more femininity.

People In Your Life

Over the course of 5 years, I have come into contact with a large number of people because of Lesada. Now that I am no longer doing Lesada, I doubt that those people will be interested in me, or I in them. So I am also contemplating purging my email and phone contacts, Facebook friend list and the large stack of business cards that has accumulated. This may be the case with you, as you transition to full time femme. There are probably many people who you can safely presume will no longer be needed in your life. These people might be old friends, support group leaders or friends made as you transitioned. Perhaps your contacts are just paper handouts from info sessions you attended or social events you explored. If you let those contacts go, you will feel a great sense of release and relief! If those people are meant to stay in your life, they will, and you will find each other again when it’s necessary. As you let them go, don’t worry that they might miss you, or forget about you or not be able to find you. They will find you when they need you.

Make it Ceremonial

When we think of transitions and changes we are excited about all the new things! But there’s always an ending of something when a new thing is beginning. Before you leap into something new, acknowledge the end of what was before. When you purge the old, take a moment and give thanks for it. Say “Thank you for giving me this time in my life and these experiences. Without it, I would not be this beautiful person who is here now. Without it, I wouldn’t have met these wonderful people I am now letting go. Thank you for all that has been and thank you for all that will be.”

Mark your endings with a ceremony to give thanks

Let go of the past and welcome all the new things for which you have now made room!

I love you and thank you for everything. Leanne


The Future is NOW at Lesada!


The world is definitely changing for the better! Cosmetics shops are introducing free classes for transgender women and giving free makeovers to people. Hairdressers are advertising that they are trans-friendly and clothing stores are offering gender neutral clothing. All of this is wonderful! When I started Lesada, this is the direction in which I wanted the world to go.  But it leaves me wondering why has it taken so long?

The Past

Lesada has been around for over 5 years. This hasn’t been long enough for many of my clients, but has also been cutting edge, ahead of the rest of the world. Five years ago, when Lesada opened, I offered cosmetics lessons to crossdressers and transwomen long before the term transgender was prevalent in the media.

Over the course of the past five years I have heard so many stories, met so many wonderful people and changed so many lives! I have always listened to what you want and need. Amazing confidence-building experiences and quality products were added to my inventory, as I could, to serve you better. My expertise has really flourished and I offer my expertise to you weekly, for free, through blog posts, free telephone calls and quick email response times. My studio is small, but very private, professional, beautiful and clean. All my clients feel special during their private one-on-one appointments.

The Present

I strive everyday to be a voice in the world on your behalf. Speaking on your hardships and recounting your successes. How proud I am when I receive an email or phone call about that one little step further someone has pushed themselves!

I work closely with my crossdressing clients, so I know exactly what’s needed and I have an unbiased view of your unique situation. Because I hear all of your stories, I have all of your experiences to draw on, not just my own. This makes me a great life coach and voice in the community. I am able to look at deeper issues and offer you much more than just makeup and clothing advice.

I am able to connect you to each other because I am connected to you! I promoted friendship through my Girl2Girls friend match up program and am constantly connecting people personally who need a mentor or friend. All this I do for free because I truly believe it’s important to encourage confidence in each other.

Lesada is focussed on beauty, empowerment and obtaining a natural, feminine look. Differing from many transformation boutiques, Lesada is far removed from fetishism, drag queen looks or sexual releases. Lesada is a beautiful space where you are encouraged to bring a friend or partner with you. This aspect has attracted many clients who are 50+ years of age, business owners, married, with children. Lesada is an open, inviting atmosphere. It is through beauty and empowerment, not through fetishism, that Lesada has made crossdressing more acceptable in the world. Many of my crossdressing clients have finally been able to feel the thrill of going out shopping or for lunch while dressed with me for the first time.

The Future is Now

I have been planning many exciting additions to the already amazing experiences offered at Lesada! As I work so closely with my clients I can see a great need for support and resources for wives and partners of crossdressers. More and more people are stepping out in confidence as I have encouraged you to do. This has left many wives to work through life changes as well. So, I am now offering coaching to couples and wives. This coaching is a strong support to encourage the healthy inclusivity of crossdressing into your relationship.

To stay ahead of the times, I am writing a guidebook for wives, speaking at women’s groups and connecting couples for friendship. I have also started a Facebook group called Crossing Paths, which is exclusively for cis-gendered female partners of crossdressers and transwomen. This really excites me, because there are little resources like this available to partners. The resources that are out there seem to be sexual or heavily biased by the author’s own experiences. Coaching is available through Leanne at Lesada right now! And the guidebook will be available in 2019.

Another exciting addition at Lesada is an online shopping page on my website. You will never have to wonder about the quality of products when ordering online at Lesada. I have chosen the best! And I made sure that shipping is free to you, because having to pay for shipping really sucks! Right now, the online store is only available to Canadians, which in itself is highly unique. And of course, all items are shipped in plain packages, for utmost discretion.

The last announcement that needs to be made is I am lowering the cost of my services. Yes, that’s right! I want you to be able to experience Lesada and everything that I am offering here. At Lesada you can have the complete look – the makeup, the clothes, the wigs, the breasts, and all the photos to create an unforgettable memory. Anywhere else you will have to experience your look piece by piece. And it’s just not the same. At Lesada you can enjoy all the feminine time you want. Unlike at a store, where they are on to the next person, Leanne allows you to take as much time as you need.

I really hope that you choose to invest in yourself by visiting Lesada! I am here for you and your partner, now, more than ever. Lesada will continue to offer the best experience you can imagine, full of love, acceptance and confidence! The future is now at Lesada!

~~Love Leanne


Top 5 Secrets Women Carry

Women are curious creatures, aren’t we? There’s tiny things we do, that we don’t realize we are doing. Things that maybe someone who hasn’t always lived as a woman would ever know. But I’m about to let you in on some of those little secrets. These things might seem insignificant, but really are a large part of a woman’s life. Even if she doesn’t realize it.

We Keep Track of EVERYTHING

Women write things in their calendar that only they know what they mean. A woman’s day timer might resemble hieroglyphics to some people. A big letter P or a red circle around a date will symbolize the first day of her period. This is important because the doctor always wants to know – even if you’re seeing him for an ear infection! Hearts symbolize anything to do with a love, obviously – a sexy meet up, an anniversary or an upcoming date with someone special. Dollar signs can be used to denote paydays or bill payment dates. We will also draw squares or circles around important appointments so they don’t get lost in the clutter of other to-dos.

Not only do we keep track of our own things, but we have to keep track of our kids’, husband’s, parent’s and friends’ goings ons as well. Heaven forbid we let them fend for themselves! They might miss an appointment, class, sports practice or special event if we don’t remind them of it! Expect colour coding or some other sort of denotation in a woman’s calendar to keep everyone straight.

women use symbols on the calendar

We Keep Memorabilia for Years

Whether it’s kids school work, ticket stubs, reminders of past lovers, or mementos from vacations, we can call up a memory easily. Just because we have this stuff doesn’t mean we look at it, we just have it.  And we have it because we have always had it, and we always will. This might not be a secret, because men hold onto mementos too, but unlike men, we don’t display these items. Our items are secret, tucked away into a diary or a nightstand drawer. We take them out when we are feeling hurt, they comfort us. We use them to jog our memory when we forget things or want to reminisce on when times were better. Once in awhile we realize we aren’t the same person we were when we enjoyed the item, so we pass it on to another woman who needs it on her journey right now.

We Are Too Hard on Ourselves

Women secretly think they aren’t good enough. We stress about not being home with the kids because we want to be a good employee or business owner. We obsess that we are too fat, too tired or too stupid. That internal monologue is always present, no matter how many inspirational quotes we surround ourselves with. We worry that we aren’t good enough in bed or that our house isn’t clean enough for visitors. Women stress about keeping their schedules intact or that the dog might be sick. We secretly tell ourselves that nothing we do is ever perfect. When we examine every aspect of our lives – Family, Career, Home, Finances – everything on it’s own might be great, but altogether, something is off. And we can never figure out what it is, even though we analyze it to death. This is a secret all women carry and we can only hope that one day, a partner will come along and carry the worry and burden with us and make it a little less heavy.

We are Secret Hoarders

Our houses might look pristine to anyone who enters, but somewhere, we have an uncontrollable urge to hoard a particular item. Some women have a large stash of mini hotel shampoos (for when we travel, because they are so handy…oh wait…here’s a new bottle in this hotel room too!!!!) Some women have a secret stash of household supplies like toilet paper or paper towel. Other women might have a junk drawer, filled to the brim with God-knows-what, for when we need that thingamajiggy. Day to day, we are normal people, with normal houses, but there’s always a secret hoarding instinct niggling at us for at least one particular item.

We Hate Shaving

If there were no men in the world we would be absolute savages! We would burp and fart and walk around topless and never ever shave ever again!!!! Sure, some uppity women might take longer to ditch the grooming habits, but after a couple months, even the Queen would say screw it to shaving. We groom ourselves to impress the men and conform to society, not at all because we enjoy it. P.S. we also hate pantyhose. There I said it.


So there you have it, a secret look at the things women carry inside them, without even thinking about it. It’s our way of life. If you ask a women about something on this list, she might chuckle and give you a sly grin, or she might slap you! Either way, take it as truth and love her as she is, secrets and all.



Transforming at Lesada

Two weeks ago I got married! My Bridesmaids, Man of Honour and I got ready inside Lesada studio. It was really a magical experience! All the hype, the planning, the emotions, came together into one big experience that made me realize how my own Lesada clients must feel when they are with me! It was really eye opening and thrilling and I want to share what the experience truly feels like!

Planning Ahead

As we all know, there is an incredible amount of planning that goes into a wedding. But only the bride knows just how much planning is involved. There are so many details to be worked out!

As with a visit to Lesada, some clients may have a lot of planning to do. You may need to rearrange your work schedule, rent a room, even concoct a story. But the most important plan is packing everything! Just as with a bride, there is a major trousseau to assemble in advance. I had a checklist of everything – veil, shoes, pantyhose, lacy panties, something old, new, borrowed and blue, fancy handbag, lucky penny in my shoe, and of course THE GOWN! Lucky for me, I only had one dress option! Many of my clients bring multiple outfits and I help them choose what they are going to wear for their special day at Lesada.

The Night Before

I did not sleep well the night before. My emotions were heightened, I was worried I had forgotten some major detail. I was excited and charged up! Tomorrow was the big day! I tried to sleep, but ended up waking at 4:00am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up and crept around the house not wanting to wake the rest of my bridal party. I got a drink, went to the bathroom and stepped out, in the dark, onto my back deck to do yoga. I was ready to face the day. I sent an intention to go with the flow, have fun and enjoy every moment!

My Lesada clients feel this way too. They tell me they are so excited when they arrive in London the night before! All the planning and emotions come to a head and miraculously, the day of the big event, things just relax and we live in the moment together.

Arrival at Lesada

When I entered Lesada the day of my wedding, I felt a rush of beauty, hope and love for everything that I had accomplished to bring me to this special day. I was overcome with pride in myself. I had endured so many obstacles in life, increased my confidence and self worth and made a lot of decisions to get me to this wonderful day, my wedding day!

As the owner of Lesada, I feel this same rush for my clients as they enter the doors. So much has happened to my clients to get them to the point of being able to walk through my doors for the first time. I am so proud of all of my clients! Many people are in awe of my small studio, but I know they are also in awe of themselves! They are standing there, amazed that today is finally the day!

Getting Settled

I already had my trousseau set up in a photogenic display and my table was cleared off to await Ashley, the hairdresser and makeup artist. But, should you visit Lesada, getting settled may include getting dressed. If you arrived in drab, you would first change into your feminine clothes and shoes. But, if you brought a large gown, such as my wedding dress, you could stay in a robe, as I did. It’s just too hard to walk around in a huge gown! I began my day with Ashley by choosing a Spirit Girl Seed Card. These cards are uplifting messages from your spirit and really set the intention for the day.  I always start my clients off with a card as it centres our thoughts and gives us a breath before the transformation begins.

My trousseau, all assembled

The Transformation

Ashley, my long time friend and hairdresser, did my hair and makeup. She pinned my hair up, which I have been growing out for a year for the occasion. It was all curled and pinned and swooped and I looked at myself in a whole new way! I haven’t had my hair this long in many years and I felt so pretty and special, very different from a usual day. I felt all grown up and couldn’t wait to show everyone how much hair I had!

curled, pinned and swooped

Then she did my makeup. I was at her mercy and just as most of my clients do with me, I said “Just do what you want.” Her methods were different from mine, but I stayed quiet and relaxed into the featheriness of her brushes. I tried to peek at what she was doing but then I thought, “No, I’m just going to look when she’s done!”

It was such a surreal experience and I loved being on the receiving end of what my clients feel when they are visiting Lesada. I wanted to experience everything! Ashley asked me if I wanted false lashes. I had talked to Jerry, my future husband about it. He wasn’t too keen. I told Ashley this.  She’s so awesome, she asked me “What do YOU want?” and in that moment, I wanted it all! I said “I want false lashes today.” Because really, if not today, then when? So she said, “Then you’ll have false lashes today!”

applying false lashes

It was then time to dress. The photographer had arrived! He took some pictures of me in my robe, touching my gown and looking in the mirror. Then he left so I could get dressed. It was a stressful time because my girls were in the house getting dressed along with trying to dress the flower girl and ring bearer. It was Ashley who actually ended up doing up my dress and tying on my beaded belt. She also fixed my veil in place.

I often help clients get dressed by doing up zippers, cinching corsets, fiddling with tiny shoe buckles and so on. Having an assistant to help you dress feels so special and royal, doesn’t it?

The Big Reveal

Prior to the big day, I had tried on my shoes and walked around the house to break them in. I had tried on the dress numerous times to get the fit just right. I had sat in Ashley’s chair for a trial run on my hair. But the wedding day was the first time all the elements were put together. I had never had the entire look on at the same time before. The photographer moved the mirror in front of me and I gasped! Again, just as my own clients respond, I was beaming! Wow! Was that me?! I couldn’t believe it!

I am always gleeful when my clients say “I had no idea I could look this good!” They stare at themselves, some get teary eyed, and many want lots of photos!

This was the case with me! I did all those things, then the photographer came in and we got down to business with the photos. So many photos!

The big reveal!

A Dream Day

All the planning, stressing, high emotions, everything paid off! The day was better than I could have hoped. I had so much fun, being the centre of attention, a bride! Everyone was smiling at me, knowing I was celebrating a wonderful day.

It’s like this when I go out with clients too. It’s a celebration of becoming your true self! People smile at you, are very helpful and proud of you. Some of you may be surprised, but when I am out with clients for lunch or shopping, that is the reaction we get. The world is changing and people are welcoming and loving.

Thank you for reading my experience on the receiving end of transformations at Lesada. It has really given me an insight as to how my clients feel and what they experience.

I invite you to share in the Lesada experience! I would love to welcome you here and assist you with your own personal transformation. You are definitely worth it. And now that you know how wonderful it cam be, you simply must experience it yourself!

Thrift Shopping 101

If you’re tight on a budget or just want piles of new clothes regularly, thrift shopping is a great way to achieve a new look. But sometimes that huge store, with limited sales staff can be overwhelming! Read on to learn thrift shopping basics so you can maximize your time spent there and make the most of your budget. Have fun completing the Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt at the end!

Make a List

Before going to the store, figure out what it is exactly that you’re looking for. Maybe you need a blouse to go with that great skirt you already own, or maybe you need a new spring jacket to feminize your look year round. If you already own a closet full of shoes, don’t put shoes on your list, just focus on the aspects of your wardrobe that you need to fill.

Go Prepared

When I go thrift shopping, I always wear a tank top and nylons underneath, even if I’m wearing jeans over top. This makes trying things on much easier and gives me a good idea of what dresses/skirts or sweaters are going  to look like. If you are shopping for dresses, you may want to wear a sandal or smaller shoe, even if shopping in male form. It doesn’t look nice to wear big ugly man boots or work socks while trying on a pencil skirt! Think ahead and dress in something that will go with what you are shopping for.

Grab a Cart!

It’s inevitable that you will find more than what’s on your list and you’ll want a cart to carry it all around. If you’re still in the closet about purchasing feminine clothes, a cart is also a great way to hide things instead of carrying them around in your arms.

Use a cart to carry items or hide items

Store Layout

A store such as Talize (my personal favourite), Goodwill, Value Village, etc are all laid out by categories. There’s men’s wear, children’s wear, women’s wear, household goods, shoes, accessories, and sometimes furniture. The women’s clothing category is divided into subcategories such as outer wear (coats & jackets), dresses, skirts, casual pants, dressy pants, active/workout, sweaters, long sleeve blouses, short sleeve blouses, short sleeve tops (t-shirts), and so on. It sounds overwhelming, but if you have a list and you want to find a knee-length black skirt, just head over to the skirt aisle and you don’t even have to look at the other stuff!

Aisle Layout

Once you reach the aisle you are looking for, you will find that the racks are arranged by size. Small, Medium, Large for tops, and 2-20+ for pants, dresses and skirts. This can become a little tricky if you don’t know your size. My suggestion is that sizes 0-6 are typically for teenagers and very small people. Sizes 8-14 are for average size women and 16+ are for larger women. However, when I am thrift shopping, I tend to look through everything because sometimes things are put away incorrectly and you just might find a gem in the wrong size, or you might find something that is a bit too big that you could have altered to suit you. Another thing I’ve found is that teen sizes are mixed in with women’s racks. So something that says Large, might be a large teen and is actually itsy bitsy on a large size woman. After sorting by size, the racks are then sorted by colour! Narrowing your search for you even more. So again, if you are looking for a knee-length black skirt, go to skirts, find your size and search the black colour section. Super simple!

The fun part!

Now that you’ve narrowed your search down drastically to what you want to hone in on, you can start browsing! You will find some fun pieces, some you know won’t suit you or maybe others you can alter to fit or dress up with embellishments or accessories if you’re crafty. Personally, I love shopping for vintage or designer, unique pieces. You never know what you’ll find! The time seems to fly by and you get caught up in your own little world while looking at the racks. And guess what?! Everyone else is in their own little world too. So don’t worry about being spotted in the women’s aisles because no one is paying attention to anyone else. The racks in the dress and skirt aisles are quite tall, so you will be hidden from most of the store when you are among them anyway. Fill up your cart and let your imagination go!

The Fitting Rooms

Yes, try your finds on!!! I urge you to do this to avoid disappointment and wasted money. The great thing about thrift store fitting rooms are that they are unisex. Often they have mirrors on the inside of the fitting room as well as the outside. So you can change and view your new looks in private. Often,  you are limited to take only 9 items in with you at a time. So if you have more you want to try on, just leave them in your cart outside the door. You can switch them out after you’ve tried on the first batch. If you end up not wanting what you tried on, leave it with the fitting room clerk.

What to Avoid

Do not thrift shop for lingerie or panties. That’s just ick. You know why.

If it needs to be repaired and you don’t have the skills or bravery to ask someone to repair it, don’t buy it. It will end up sitting in your closet making you angry.

Don’t buy it just because it’s cheap. If you think you’ll “make it work” or you think “I’ll lose some weight” or you’re just not sure about something, leave it at the store.

Don’t buy outdated fashion. Unless you are going for the entire, vintage look, and know how to rock it, don’t buy obvious 80’s/90’s garb. This is a pitfall of many crossdressers. You know what woman are wearing today and what looks good, so stick with current fashions. Or better yet, stick with timeless pieces like a black dress or jeans and a nice top.

Avoid distractions and nostalgia. If you are making an effort to improve your feminine wardrobe, focus on that. Don’t wander into the books or men’s wear. Don’t buy something because you used to have it or your mom used to have it. You will only go home disappointed that you failed. Focus on your list, have fun and soon you’ll look forward to going back!

Avoid outdated fashion or nostalgia.

Scavenger Hunt List

If you are having trouble working up the bravery to go thrift shopping for feminine clothes, try this scavenger hunt list! You don’t need to buy anything, just go look around and familiarize yourself with the store. Score 5 points for each find.

  • A red satin dress
  • A black and white checkered skirt
  • Yoga pants with a blue stripe down the leg
  • A white t-shirt with a picture of a panda bear on the front
  • A floppy hat (15 bonus points if you try it on)
  • A pair of pink high heels, size 7
  • A fur coat (20 bonus points if you try it on in front of a mirror)
  • A green silk fashion scarf
  • An orange purse with more than 4 pockets in it.
  • 5 bracelets or pairs of earrings with stones on them
  • Chat with a female shopper about her purchases and what she is looking for (50 bonus points if you smile and make her smile back)
  • A chain-link belt

Thrift Shop like a pro and have fun doing it with these basic tips!

If you want a shopping friend, consider shopping with me, Leanne from Lesada! I know some great places in London, Ontario and can help you find a look that works for you. Visit  to learn more!



Top 5 Reader Recommendations!


As you know, I love hearing everyone’s stories. By talking to people, I have made some amazing discoveries that have made my life easier! By talking to others, sharing experiences, successes and disappointments, we learn what works and what doesn’t for people. Read on to learn the Top 5 Recommendations from my clients. Then share your recommendations of products, hacks and tips in the comments below!

#5 Quick Fix

If you use silicone breast forms, one day you may need a quick repair job. Tamara recommends using silicone adhesive to repair minor punctures for a short term fix. This won’t repair them indefinitely, but will certainly tide you over until a replacement can be shipped. Check out this tutorial for help.

#4 Only One Glue Will Do

Speaking of adhesives, have you ever attempted to glue your eyebrows? Elle has discovered that Elmer’s stick glue is the best brand for this. Elle also advises to apply rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and thoroughly clean your eyebrows before doing anything else. The alcohol will dissolve any oils and provide a clean base to help the glue adhere even better.

#3 Easy Hair Removal

Pauline advises that we use an epilator to quickly and effectively remove unwanted hair from the neck down. Acting like a dozen tweezers, an epilator pulls hair from legs, arms and body. You may need to shave a tiny bit, but it keeps stubble to a minimum. Over time, regrowth is inhibited as well. Pauline has tried a few different brands and recommends Philips Satinelle model, available on Amazon and Walmart for about $45.00.

Pauline recommends Philips Satinelle Epilator for body hair removal

#2 Professional Photos Always

Bathroom selfies be gone! with a cell phone tripod recommended by Frannie. Available on Amazon for only about $20-$35 you can take beautiful poses and videos with the click of a remote button. This tripod wraps on to things or stands on it’s own so you don’t have to pose in front of a mirror or take extremely close up selfies. Frannie has taken her mini cell tripod to the park and around town for a professional photo session created by herself. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

Get professional shots with a cell phone tripod recommended by Frannie

#1 Shop En Femme

Heather had the brilliant idea to keep her feminine expenses separate by obtaining a VISA card in her feminine name. When you own a VISA credit product in your legal name, you can get additional cards for family members by only providing their name. Using her masculine name as the primary account holder, she was able to obtain an additional card for Heather. Now she is free to shop completely en femme as well as keep her feminine purchases separate from her other expenses. Please note, that all purchases for both credit cards appear on the same bill, so if you are sharing the account with a spouse, keep this in mind.

What tip made you say A-HA!? What tips or recommendations can you share with others? Comment below!

Fun Femme Outings! for Crossdressers

No one likes to be all dressed up with no where to go! When you’re dressed up, feeling gorgeous and on top of the world, it’s awesome to keep that feeling alive by enjoying an outing. Sometimes the thrill of dressing is enough to satisfy, but after awhile, you are going to want to share your beautiful self with the world. And if you’ve already enjoyed an outing or two,  I know you will want to do more and more with your femininity. So read on to get some new ideas for Fun Femme Outings!

A Hesitant Outing

If you’ve never dared to go out before, it’s time you did! Here are a few basics just to get your high-heeled foot out the door.

  • Go out on your back deck, balcony or stand inside the garage with the big door open. Breathe deeply for 5-10 minutes and smile at the world.
  • Take your car for a short drive, even if it’s at night, around town.
  • Take a walk to the mailbox, corner store or nearest intersection.

An Alone Outing

Once you’ve mastered leaving the house, you’ll want to spend some time testing your limits and building your confidence on a more thrilling outing. Here are some fun things you can do alone, without needing to involve anyone from the outside world.

  • Go to a park, sit on a bench and read a book or walk your dog.
  • Go to a large store or mall and wander around, you don’t need to buy anything. You don’t even need to go in, just stand in the parking lot!
  • Go to a drive-thru and place your order. Have cash and a smile ready for the cashier.
  • Go to the bank machine, dry cleaners, return your library books, or do any other regular errands that are simple and routine to you.

A Confidence Building Outing

The fun and thrills can really start to mount when you have the confidence to interact with other people! These people will probably be strangers, but make sure you look at them, speak up so they can hear you and smile, smile, smile! Remember you are not ashamed of who you are. What you are doing is not illegal and you have every right to live your life the way you want to. So, go, have fun and be proud of who you are!

  • Go to a cafe and sit in the front window.
  • Go shopping and try stuff on, make a purchase if your budget allows.
  • Visit an art gallery, museum, tourist attraction or point of interest.
  • Attend a seminar or talk geared for women.
  • Go to a nightclub.
  • Visit a salon for a mani/pedi.

A Making Friends Outing

Going out alone can be thrilling, but after awhile, it can seem routine. You’ll start wishing you had a friend to shop with, eat with, laugh with. Consider the friends you already have. Can you, or have you, revealed your true self to any of them? Would they be willing to go out with you? Try these tips to have a fun experience with others.

  • Book a Girl’s Day Out with Leanne from Lesada.
  • Find some new friends in your area from online sources or social media. Be sure they are local though, so you can actually go out with them.
  • Revisit all those places you went to alone and start talking to other people who are there and make friends with them.

The Ultimate Outing

Once you have confidence, a smile on your face, the taste of new thrilling experiences and friends at your side, the world is yours for the taking! You will no longer consider your outings as “Femme Outings,” but rather just outings and fun times. Your outings will be a way of life and you will wonder how it was ever scary or difficult to step out onto your front porch.

  • Attend a group event or support group fun night.
  • Travel to a convention, such as Fabulous at the Falls, Gal’s Spring Fling, WildSide Las Vegas, TG Detroit, etc.
  • Get your girlfriends together for a sleepover. Go to a hotel, cottage or resort.
  • Party it up at a club.
  • Host a direct sales shopping night party.
  • Throw a movie night with the girls.
  • Go bowling, play laser tag or mini golf with a bunch of friends.
  • Give each other makeovers and giggle about boys like a bunch of teenagers!

No matter what stage you are at in your Outing Confidence Level, just have fun! Life is way too short to worry about what others think. Make your own choices, stretch your own limits and Step Out in Confidence!

Leave a comment below describing your Fun Femme Outing experiences!

Tap Into Your Women’s Intuition

Women’s Intuition is a powerful gut feeling you can experience when your body and mind are in alignment. Women are often more in tune with their bodies than men through their menstrual cycles, pregnancies and menopause. Therefore, this sensation is often referred to as “Women’s Intuition.” So, if you were raised as a boy, is it possible to experience “Women’s Intuition?” It sure is! Read on to discover how to tap into your Women’s Intuition.

A More In-Depth Look At Women’s Intuition

What is Intuition?

Intuition is that gut feeling, that knowing, that something is as it is, without being told or even without using any facts. Some examples of this are:

  • Getting a text message from your best friend that says ‘hey’. And inherently knowing that there’s a deep sigh attached to it or if they are in a good mood.
  • Feeling a prickle on the back of your neck when someone is watching you from behind.
  • Feeling ill at the thought of going to work because you just know that it’s going to be a stressful day.
  • Being able to tell a woman is pregnant before she even knows herself.
  • Feeling like you need to switch careers because you can foresee that times are changing.

Notice how all of these examples are more feelings than logical facts. Women’s Intuition is tapping in to your feelings and thoughts to form an opinion and make decisions.

How to Tap Into Your Women’s Intuition

To be able to tap into your Women’s Intuition, your mind and body must be in tune with each other. There are several ways you can achieve alignment. Choose one or two of these examples to begin with, whichever ones you think you will enjoy the most.

  • Journalling – Journalling before bed or before you begin your day helps to dump out your worries, your excitements, your to-do lists and anything else that might get in the way of listening to your body. You don’t have to use a fancy journal, (although I believe lovely pages create lovely thoughts.) or an expensive pen, just get your thoughts out of your head!
  • Yoga – If you’re rolling your eyes, wait a second! Yoga will help stretch out all the kinks in your body. Yoga encourages rhythmic breathing and forces you to get in touch with the movements your body is craving. If you’ve never done yoga before, or need to go at a slow pace in the comfort of your own home, check out Yoga for Self Respect with Adriene. She will definitely have you hooked on yoga and in tune with yourself in 20 minutes, even if you’ve hated it in the past.
  • Thought Provoking Meditations – Get tuned in, turned on and tapped in to your inner vibrations with meditations like Abraham Hicks. Listen before bed, while driving, or instead of checking emails and rushing around. Get a new perspective on your thoughts.
  • Follow the Signs from Universe – Women’s Intuition becomes easier when you start paying attention to signs from a source that is greater than you. If people are always suggesting you follow a certain path, stop resisting! Go where you are clearly being pushed and soon you will intuitively know the direction in which you should head.

Live in the Moment

Just for today, for the 12-15 hours that you give yourself between sleep, LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Live like this is the only day you will ever have.

Do things that empower you.

Do things to make you smile.

Do things that make you fly.

Say things that empower others.

Make someone else smile.

Uplift another so they fly.

When you live in the moment, you will be in tune, intuitively, creating a life in alignment with a higher sense of self. This is Women’s Intuition, and it is such a powerful experience!

Have you ever experienced Women’s Intuition? Leave a comment about your experience below.

Managing Femme Outings for Crossdressers

Are you nervous about taking an en femme outing? Do you worry about all the planning that seems necessary in advance?

I had the pleasure of speaking with Harietta during her free 15 minute scheduled call. Harietta said to me, “Let’s face it, we all love enhancing our inner femme.  But I dread the notion of being “clocked” or “read” as a man while wearing a dress in public. I feel my life would collapse if I was recognized in public for the true man I am. So, as a crossdresser, I have learned to ‘manage’ my outings.” Even though Harietta wants to keep her femme identity secret, she doesn’t let it deter her from going out in public and having fun!

Harietta went on to explain everything she does to ease her nervousness and boost her confidence when going out en femme.

Managing Femme Outings

What exactly does it mean to “Manage” your outings?

Thinking of your outing as a well choreographed experience will relieve stress and therefore enhance your outing. Planning everything in advance will ensure you haven’t forgotten anything or get caught off guard by something as simple as needing to use the washroom.

Several Days in Advance of Your Outing

Harietta advises,

  • Plan your outing – “I always know where I’ll be driving, where I’ll be parking, where I’ll be going, where I’ll be eating and where I’ll be peeing. Yahoo or Google Maps are great for this. Scout the place out in drab before. While out, you will need to use the ladies washroom, so make sure you know where it is.” Or, choose a small cafe that has only one washroom.
  • Wear your shoes around the house. Sometimes shoes need time to mold to your feet and you might need time to re-familiarize yourself with walking in heels.
  • Take extra special care of your skin days before and exfoliate the night before your outing so that there is no redness blasting through your foundation.
  • Consider heading out of town – If you really need to keep your identity secret, consider travelling out of town for a day or even two for a worry-free  romp.
  • Tucking Tip!  “If you insist on tucking you must practice it well at home. And you should spend some real time tucked in guy/drab mode to test your system.  It may take time to get to the point where twenty minutes in the car is not torture. When you go out en femme and tucked, make sure you have some regular undies and some wipes. Also consider that if you tuck those boys up there it displaces your bladder. Tight gaffs and undies make it worse. So limit the liquids, especially coffee, before you tuck.”

The Day of the Outing

  • Look your best “No matter how much I’ve paid for it, or if I have done it myself, I will not go out with sub-par hair and makeup, even from a pro. I worry about getting noticed if it’s not right, and it distracts from my enjoyment of the episode. I always tell the receptionist about my gender fluidity in advance.”
  • Pack Extra- “Always have a full set of man clothes and makeup remover in the car with a big blanket or comforter to change under in case things go south and you have to bail or answer a family emergency.”
  • Make a checklist of every item you take with you on your outing. Harietta reported she’s gone nuts wondering where her lip plumper went when she hadn’t actually included it in her kit!
  • Check the weather and traffic reports to avoid tie-ups and delays, especially if you have decided to take a your excursion to another city.

And the Most Important Tips…

  • HAVE FUN! 
  • Take a ton of photos!
  • Talk to people!
  • Do something you’ve always wanted to do!
  • Be yourself!

Hopefully, armed and prepared for the best you will be able to maximize your femme time and really enjoy your outing, while boosting your confidence at the same time.

Do you have any great tips on how you manage your outings? Leave a comment below!

How to Wig Care

wig display

Caring for your wig is simple if done regularly and properly. No matter if your wig is “cheap” or more expensive, you can extend it’s life using these easy care instructions.

How to Brush Your Wig

Using a wide-tooth comb or brush, comb from the tips of hair to the cap. Do not yank knots from top to bottom! You will lose hairs this way.

wide tooth brush
Use a plastic open-tooth brush or comb on your wig

Work in small sections to remove knots and tangles. If it’s matted underneath, turn the cap inside out and comb from back to front. To make the job easier,  hang wig on a wig stand, stair newel post or other object so both of your hands are free.


Turn wig inside out to comb tangles underneath

How to Wash Your Wig

You should wash your wig after 8-10 wearings or if you have been sweating while wearing your wig.

  1. Add shampoo to a basin of COLD water to create a lather.
  2. Soak wig in shampoo water for 5-10 minutes, stirring gently. DO NOT twist or tangle your wig.
  3. After soaking, remove wig from basin, squeezing from top to bottom to remove excess water. DO NOT twist or wring out water, just squeeze.
  4. Rinse thoroughly under running water until all shampoo is removed. Squeeze water out, roll in a towel and squeeze again.
  5. Spray with conditioner (about 9-15 pumps depending on length of wig) This softens hair and reduces static.
  6. Shake the wig vigorously to disperse conditioner and remove any excess water.
  7. Lay flat on a towel to dry.
  8. Comb and re-style after wig is completely dry.

Watch the Video

How to Re-Style Your Wig

After washing, any curls or waves that were in your wig should bounce back. Wind small clumps of hair around your fingers to encourage curls back into place when hair is still a little damp. You may want to try a styling tool, such as a curling iron or straightener, but test a small piece of hair first for heat resistance. If you have any loose hairs in your hair brush from brushing, use those for your test.

Watch the Video

How to Store Your Wig

Between wearings, there are a couple ways you can store your wig to keep it clean, static free and in good shape. If your wig is short, turn it inside out and place into a zip-closure bag or box. If your wig is long, stuff the cap with tissue paper, wrap a hairnet around the outside and place in a zip-closure bag or box. You may also wish to display your wig on a wig display stand or mannequin head if you wear it often.