Are you tired of zipping through training videos that star 20 year old girls with flawless skin and the most expensive brands?! It’s time to learn how to use your own cosmetics on your own face! ┬áDuring your 1.5 hour thorough tutorial you will discover how to apply concealers, highlighting and contouring, and find the perfect match for foundation. You will also learn which eye type you have and how to create a look that is suitable for your eye shape, your age and your level of expertise. This tutorial is recommended to either experienced girls who need a boost of confidence and help sorting out their stash, or for anyone just getting into the vast world of cosmetics. You are encouraged to bring your own supplies if you have them, or use cosmetics from Lesada at no additional cost.

“The service you provide is professional and affordable, and the makeup tips were great. My [trans-daughter] will be able to achieve a natural looking day make-up. Thank you for explaining to [her] that less is more when it comes to sparkly eyeshadow ;)” ~~Mother of a trans girl

“Leanne is a very warm and wonderful lady who truly wants to help. She is like chicken soup for the soul, helping you build your confidence and making you feel so much better about yourself. I look forward to visiting her again.” ~~Joanna

“It was a great experience,thank you so much that you gave me the opportunity to understand more deeply the basics of the makeup.” ~~Yulia Berry

$117.00 plus 13%tax