How much notice do you need for booking?
Please allow at least one week when booking your experience, or longer, if you are requesting a package or weekend. Book through the Services page or telephone to set up your time. (email or text is available, but not very ideal to plan your fantasies come true!) Please note that full payment is required at time of booking.

Do you offer photography?
Yes! Please bring your camera, tablet, or other recording device so that you may capture your experience on video or in photos. This is an excellent tool to continue living the Lesada experience! Professional photography services are available if booked in advance.

Do you sell breast forms, wigs, clothes, and accessories?

The Lesada Boutique offers wigs, cosmetics, jewellery, scarves, breast forms, and padded panties.

I’m from out of town, where can I stay overnight?
Lesada has an on-site AirBnB! This room offers a private entrance, private bathroom, laundry area and kitchenette. Make your booking up to 3 months in advance on the Airbnb site! Please note, you do not have to book any other services with Lesada to book the overnight room.

Lesada clients also get a special rate at Station Park All Suites Hotel. You must call the London location directly to book this special rate (not the toll free number), or Leanne would be happy to book this for you with your service package.

Is Lesada discreet? I don’t want anyone to know
Yes, Lesada does not have any signage out front and the studio entrance is very private. No one will be walking in during your appointment. Your appointment time is your time only.

I’m new to this and nervous. I don’t know if I should book right now.
This feeling, is of course natural. But nothing wonderful ever happens if you don’t give it a try.  Call Leanne for your free 15 minute call. She will gladly answer any questions you have and address any concerns. You’ve waited so long to be the woman within, it’s time to let her out and the time is now!

May I bring a friend to my appointment?
Of course! The more the merrier! Leanne welcomes supportive partners and friends and they can be included in your appointment time at no additional cost.

Do you offer storage?
Yes, monthly storage rates are $15 for a duffle bag, $25 for a medium tote box and $40 for a large tote bin. 6 months rental fees are due at time of drop-off.

What payment methods do you accept?

VISA, MC, PayPal, email transfer, and cash.