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It is important to remember you are not alone. The Lesada Community is a place to connect with others who have trod in your high-heeled footsteps, and who share your feelings, or who might be able to offer judgment-free support, advice, and fresh perspectives. This is your space to share your story and bring a beam of light into someone else’s world who is living a similar experience!

Leanne is asked many questions by her new protégées: how did others get started crossdressing? How old were they? How did they tell their wives? Am I ready for surgery, or am I just a man who likes “girl things?”

Of course, answers to all these questions vary from person to person, but most of Leanne’s protégées have an awful lot in common.

You might not want to tell your family and friends what you’re going through, and that’s okay. You may feel very alone, but remember, you are not!

There is an entire community who need – and want – to hear you. They want to see you, and tell you that you, and your feelings, are important. Your knowledge and experience (large or small) can help others know they are not alone, and sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be therapeutic for you too.

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