Bridging Communities

Lesada Community was created to bridge the gap between the crossdressing world and the rest of the population. Many crossdressers are still in the closet and not living their authentic life because they feel misunderstood. They also feel like they could lose everything if their true identity was known.

Lesada Community is a place to connect to and understand each other through stories. Others who have trod in the same high-heeled footsteps, people who share the same feminine longings, as well as families and partners of crossdressers, and people in general who are ready to be open to changing perspectives in the world.

Leanne is asked many questions about crossdressers: How did they get started? How old were they? How did they tell their wives? And others want to know if they are ready for surgery, or just a man who likes “girl things?” Of course, answers to all these questions vary from person to person, but most of Leanne’s protégées have quite a lot in common. It’s time to put your story out there for the world!

There is an entire community who needs – and wants – to hear these stories. You are invited to share your crossdressing journey, in part or in whole. Lesada wants the world to see you. Lesada is here to tell you that you, and your feelings, are important. Your knowledge and experience (large or small) can help others know they are not alone, and sharing your thoughts, feelings, and experiences can be therapeutic for you too. It is through knowledge that understanding and acceptance is created.

Please share your story in the Lesada Community. Read the Writer’s Guidelines and fill in form to Submit Your Story!

Visit the community library below to be inspired, educated and connected.

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