Here’s what Leanne’s protégées are saying about Lesada!

I have been a part time crossdresser in my home for a couple of years. I met Leanne for my first clothes shopping trip in Hamilton. I found her very pleasant, respectful and non-judgemental and I felt very comfortable talking to her. After having a meal, we started shopping in lingerie boutique; it was my first time shopping for lingerie, bras, garter belt, stocking and nightie for myself in a store. It was an amazing experience, choosing bras with the presence of an accepting salesgirl. It was a fun day with a good feeling. Now, after continuing communication with Leanne by email and phone I find her very supportive, professional, and trustworthy. I’ve already booked my makeover session! Thanks so much Leanne.
~ E.

I am a lifelong cross dresser, and not living near a big city I found it difficult to purchase make up and to get help using it. After making a trip to meet Leanne for lessons, and being able to mail order from her, I have really changed how I look and feel about myself!  Thanks Leanne for making a difference in my life!
Denise Bradley

I first met Leanne in 2015. We met for coffee and yes, I was fully dressed as I always am when we meet. We then met a few times after that, once at Cambridge mall where I introduced Leanne to Warehouse One who are super CD friendly (see Leanne’s article here). That was a fun day, but the most fun we had so far was on Nov 15/16, during her Street Boutique event! If you missed it…you’re crazy. I went down for the morning and treated myself to a makeover with Leanne! A big challenge for her since I have been doing my own makeup for many years and she did a fabulous job! After that, we hit the Street Boutique truck parked right in her driveway for an awesome shopping experience. It was a private, fun environment to try on lots of clothes. I ended up buying two dresses I don’t think I would have on my own, but the advice from Leanne was so true and honest – I had to! It was an awesome girls shopping trip in a truck – so cool! It since gave me so much confidence meeting with Leanne that I have been going out non-stop the last few weeks. As always, Leanne was fun, kind, accommodating and fills me with sunshine and confidence. Her girlfriend time is truly amazing in itself, to just spend time and chat, and hang out with a girlfriend! OMG so cool!  Thank you Leanne for being so supportive, so friendly and so amazing. You brought out my inner sparkle.

Leanne’s feminization service, Lesada, is fantastic!  I have been secretly crossdressing for years, mostly just wearing women’s things under my male clothes.  I decided to try something new and get a makeover.  WOW!  It was amazing!  Leanne is beautiful, feminine, and very professional.  I felt like I was in a beauty salon.  She dissolved my nervousness right away.  Thanks to Leanne’s encouragement, I had her groom my eyebrows giving them a slightly feminine arch.  In the end I was beautifully made over and feeling blissfully feminine.  Before leaving Leanne told me about her escorted shopping service.  I had never considered doing anything like that in public but a month later, after some more encouragement from Leanne, I found myself getting fitted for a bra in the change room of a lingerie boutique with her and a sales lady.  The shopping outing was exhilarating and I now own a bra, dress, garter belt, stockings, and high heels.  I would highly recommend Lesada for any fellow crossdressers out there.  Leanne is a woman who obviously loves what she does and it shows.  You will not be disappointed.  I’ve seen Leanne one further time for a makeover.  She touched up my eyebrows a second time and, once again, with a slightly higher, more feminine arch.  I love them!  I can’t wait to book my next makeover.  Thanks so much Leanne.
~Kelly (your star pupil).

I went to Leanne’s studio for her Halloween makeover. I was extremely nervous, and didn’t know what to expect. Leanne had a friendly disposition and made me comfortable rather quickly. She guided me through the makeup routine, then after the makeover we put together a couple of attractive wardrobes and had some fun with pictures. I was so pleased with the results that I left Leanne’s studio en femme for a fantastic Halloween party in Toronto. Thank you Leanne…

You certainly made my time a very comforting experience. Your knowledge and choice of makeup was exceptionally beautiful, your professionalism and atmosphere was much more than I expected.  I look forward to another session in the future with confidence in taking my transformation a step further.  I would highly recommend Lesada and your services without hesitation. Conversation, along with your kind hospitality, and not to forget your baked goods and tea was much more than I could have imagined.

You’re the best, thanks!
~Jessica Ricci

I cannot thank you enough Leanne for everything you’ve done for me today! I keep staring at my eyebrows and can’t believe they’re mine, let alone my face. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was worth every penny and I loved your company, especially your smile. I’m going to keep this on my bucket list and hopefully I can come back again. Also thank you for your ears. It was nice to have someone listen to my complicated life. You’re a very beautiful woman with a very beautiful personality.                                                                  ~Alicia