V.I.P. Feminine Fantasy Retreat*
​Indulge your senses! Skyrocket your confidence and live your authentic self with this Fantasy Retreat; you’ll feel satisfied, but still want more at the same time! This package includes everything you need to experience the ultimate in femininity and unleash the woman within!

  • ​Two nights accommodation with continental breakfast and parking
  • Two lunches
  • Chauffeur service to and from hotel and throughout each day
  • Two hour escorted shopping excursion
  • Full makeover
  • Manicure and pedicure
  • 30 minute professional photography shoot
  • Cosmetic lesson, wig fitting
  • Your choice of an afternoon activity on day two (to be planned at time of booking)

Feminine Indulgence Day*
​Indulge all your feminine longings in one action-packed, exhilarating day! Go out on your own at night or stay in to savour your dream come true with this amazing experience.

  • ​One night accommodation with continental breakfast and parking
  • One lunch
  • Chauffeur service to and from hotel and throughout the day
  • Three hour escorted shopping excursion
  • Manicure & pedicure
  • Full makeover
  • 30 minute professional photography shoot

* These packages are designed to make you feel like a Queen! For that reason, please contact Leanne  to plan them so you can receive the best service possible and get to know each other before your big day!* You pay for your own travel expenses, shopping purchases, dinners, and evening entertainment.*

Girl’s Day Out
Spend the day transforming into the Woman Within! With Leanne at your side, you will gain confidence as the day progresses. Shop for lacy lingerie, find that perfect outfit, get a deal on a great pair of heels and be pampered with a makeover. Put your new look together for a fun photoshoot and blow up the camera with your beautiful new look!

    • Three hour escorted shopping excursion
    • Full makeover
    • Lunch with Leanne
    • Mini photo op with your own device (2 clothing changes)

Shoulders & Up Makeover​
A makeover at Lesada is so much better than what your local drugstore has to offer! At your very private appointment, you will be pampered with a makeover and wig fitting as well as:

        • Light brow grooming
        • False eyelashes
        • Nail polish on natural nail
        • Instructive commentary throughout makeup application
        • Use of wigs and other accessories for photo purposes
        • Mini photo shoot (up to 2 clothing changes allowed)


    • Emphasis is placed on feminizing your features through beard shadow coverage, highlighting and contouring your unique face to minimize more masculine features, soften angles and allow your natural inner sparkle to glitter through!

  • Two Hour Escorted Shopping Excursion

  • Spoil yourself with a personal shopper! Leanne will help you choose perfect outfits that flatter your body type, act as a runner between the changeroom and store and connect you with helpful sales clerks that will make shopping fun! You pay for your own purchases at White Oaks in London, Ontario. This shopping package is 2 hours long, if you would like additional time, please book 2 sessions back to back. You will be notified as to which entrance to meet at. *Please note* Leanne would be happy to travel to your location to shop in a city near you, please call Lesada directly to plan this, as there will be additional charges.

Cosmetics Lesson
In this 1.5 hour basic tutorial you will discover how to use cosmetics in the most suitable way for your own face. This tutorial is recommended to experienced girls who need a boost of confidence or help sorting out their stash. This tutorial is also fantastic for anyone just getting into the vast world of cosmetics. Bring your own supplies or use cosmetics from Lesada at no additional cost.

    • Guidebook for you to keep
    • 1.5 hour one-on-one basic lesson at Lesada or via Skype
    • Learn how to: foundation match, highlighting/contouring
    • Learn how to: choose & apply eye, lip & cheek colours
    • Learn how to: care for your makeup, storage and how to remove it properly

60 Minute Life Clarity Call
Explore where you are and where you want to be! Address any fears and gain a clear action plan to overcome what’s holding you back from expressing your true self. If you are unsure where to turn or what experience you need to move forward, this phone call is your answer!

    • Gain clarity to your current situation
    • Visualization experience of your future self
    • An increase in confidence after only 60 minutes!
    • The next step to take to get you closer to realizing your dreams

Comportment Lessons
One hour is all it takes to increase your silhouette and posture as you learn how to move like a lady. Attend a lesson either in-person or via Skype. Lesson encompasses how to sit, stand, walk and pose for photos like a lady. Leanne will demonstrate and then correct you as you practice with her.

Custom Wig & Breast Form Fitting Appointment

Are you tired of ordering expensive items online only to find they don’t suit you? Visit Lesada for a custom wig or breast form fitting and find the look that is perfect for you on the first try! Your hair is your crowning glory and makes all the difference when wanting to pass. Learn how to care for your wig or breast forms, bring your own wigs in for cleaning and try on the wigs and forms in the shop that are available for purchase.

Free 15 Minute Phone Call
You are important to Leanne! If you have any questions at all or are in need of quick support, just enter your info and Leanne will call you at the selected time! Or feel free to call Leanne during Lesada business hours 226.448.3836. Leanne is here for you on each step of your feminization journey.