Spoil yourself with a personal shopper! Leanne will help you choose perfect outfits that flatter your body type, act as a runner between the changeroom and store and connect you with helpful sales clerks that will make shopping fun! You pay for your own purchases at White Oaks Mall in London, Ontario. This shopping package is 2 hours long, if you would like additional time, please book 2 sessions back to back. You will be notified as to which entrance to meet at. *Please note* Leanne would be happy to travel to your location to shop in a city near you, please call Lesada directly to plan this, as there will be additional charges.

“I was scared to death to purchase my own lingerie in a store, but Leanne was awesome at helping me in the fitting rooms and getting the sales girls to measure me for the best fit.”~~Eddie

“This was just what I needed! I was tired of ordering online and being disappointed with things not fitting. What a great feeling to have clothes that flatter me and fit!” ~~Ron

$117.00 plus 13%tax