Transformation Maven Leanne wants to share her unique experiences and perspective at your next event. She has helpful professional insights and wisdom to share on the following topics:

Creating a welcoming, inclusive space

Retail establishments, HR departments, school staff, church groups, and other organizations who want to welcome crossdressers and transgendered individuals into their groups will benefit from Leanne’s guidance and an open-ended discussion period focusing on:

  • asking questions without offending
  • addressing various individuals using the correct pronouns
  • dispelling misconceptions of sexuality and lifestyles

Step Out in Confidence!

This engaging talk is directed at support groups, clubs, and LGBTQ friendly groups that support an active crossdressing lifestyle. This talk can be customized based on a group’s needs or interests. Some ideas include:

  • have fun, kick up your heels, and feel empowered!
  • fun tips to better present yourself as a lady (how to sit, stand, or pose for photos, for example)
  • quick and easy makeup tricks
  • get the gentle nudge you need to take that next step

Reconnect with your crossdressing partner

An eye-opening, fun, and informative talk for women’s groups tired of the same old topics and discussions at meeting. Learn to think outside the box and consider new possibilities within your relationships. Topics include:

  • talking to your husband or boyfriend about his secret life
  • why many men enjoy crossdressing
  • dispelling fears and sexual misconceptions
  • success stories of marriages that support crossdressing