How To Look Younger in an Instant!

Here’s a Super Quick Tip to Look Younger in an Instant!

How can you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in an instant? Try this simple tip for a smoother, younger looking face.

Before applying your foundation, apply a small amount of moisturizer to your face and neck. Wait a moment for it to work it’s magic, then apply foundation primer.

What is Foundation Primer?

Foundation Primer is like paint primer when you’re painting a wall – it fills in any fine lines and imperfections and creates a smooth surface for your foundation.

Foundation primer is clear, so it helps with clean up too. The clear primer will be in your pores and fine lines, not the colour of your makeup, so it makes cleaning your face, much easier.

Foundation primer acts as a base for your face! Face makeup that is, and helps your makeup last longer longer, look brighter, and because you’ve applied a good base primer, you don’t need to use as much makeup, which becomes more cost effective in the long run.

Sometimes the things you can’t see, are the most powerful things in your supply.


Can you see the difference? I used a dark foundation so it’ll show up better on camera, but you can tell my left hand has only foundation on it. My right hand I moisturized and applied primer. What a difference! You can’t see my wrinkles as much and the foundation went on much smoother and lighter. I only used about half the amount of foundation to get a better, smoother coverage.

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