Tap Into Your Women’s Intuition

Women’s Intuition is a powerful gut feeling you can experience when your body and mind are in alignment. Women are often more in tune with their bodies than men through their menstrual cycles, pregnancies and menopause. Therefore, this sensation is often referred to as “Women’s Intuition.” So, if you were raised as a boy, is it possible to experience “Women’s Intuition?” It sure is! Read on to discover how to tap into your Women’s Intuition.

A More In-Depth Look At Women’s Intuition

What is Intuition?

Intuition is that gut feeling, that knowing, that something is as it is, without being told or even without using any facts. Some examples of this are:

  • Getting a text message from your best friend that says ‘hey’. And inherently knowing that there’s a deep sigh attached to it or if they are in a good mood.
  • Feeling a prickle on the back of your neck when someone is watching you from behind.
  • Feeling ill at the thought of going to work because you just know that it’s going to be a stressful day.
  • Being able to tell a woman is pregnant before she even knows herself.
  • Feeling like you need to switch careers because you can foresee that times are changing.

Notice how all of these examples are more feelings than logical facts. Women’s Intuition is tapping in to your feelings and thoughts to form an opinion and make decisions.

How to Tap Into Your Women’s Intuition

To be able to tap into your Women’s Intuition, your mind and body must be in tune with each other. There are several ways you can achieve alignment. Choose one or two of these examples to begin with, whichever ones you think you will enjoy the most.

  • Journalling – Journalling before bed or before you begin your day helps to dump out your worries, your excitements, your to-do lists and anything else that might get in the way of listening to your body. You don’t have to use a fancy journal, (although I believe lovely pages create lovely thoughts.) or an expensive pen, just get your thoughts out of your head!
  • Yoga – If you’re rolling your eyes, wait a second! Yoga will help stretch out all the kinks in your body. Yoga encourages rhythmic breathing and forces you to get in touch with the movements your body is craving. If you’ve never done yoga before, or need to go at a slow pace in the comfort of your own home, check out Yoga for Self Respect with Adriene. She will definitely have you hooked on yoga and in tune with yourself in 20 minutes, even if you’ve hated it in the past.
  • Thought Provoking Meditations – Get tuned in, turned on and tapped in to your inner vibrations with meditations like Abraham Hicks. Listen before bed, while driving, or instead of checking emails and rushing around. Get a new perspective on your thoughts.
  • Follow the Signs from Universe – Women’s Intuition becomes easier when you start paying attention to signs from a source that is greater than you. If people are always suggesting you follow a certain path, stop resisting! Go where you are clearly being pushed and soon you will intuitively know the direction in which you should head.

Live in the Moment

Just for today, for the 12-15 hours that you give yourself between sleep, LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Live like this is the only day you will ever have.

Do things that empower you.

Do things to make you smile.

Do things that make you fly.

Say things that empower others.

Make someone else smile.

Uplift another so they fly.

When you live in the moment, you will be in tune, intuitively, creating a life in alignment with a higher sense of self. This is Women’s Intuition, and it is such a powerful experience!

Have you ever experienced Women’s Intuition? Leave a comment about your experience below.

Creative Ways to Save Money!

Creative Ways to Save Money

Creative Ways to Save Money!

“A penny saved is a penny earned” is an old phrase that encourages us to save money and become wealthy. But these days most people are spending more than they are earning, falling into debt, depression and anxiety. These feelings lead to more spending as they try to make themselves feel better. If you feel like you’re walking on a tight rope, balancing between just getting by and falling into a bottomless pit, read on for some great tips to improve your finances and your well-being.

Examine All Your Expenses

Write every single thing down that you spend money on in the course of a week or month. You will see patterns and some things may surprise you. Do you have expenses coming out of your account automatically that you no longer need? Do you spend more than you thought on eating fast food or coffee? Are you more generous than your budget allows when it comes to lending money to a friend or donating? Really examine those expenses and determine what can easily be cut or pared down. Sometimes even the chore of having to write down small expenses will be a deterrent to spending on little, draining things.

Bundle to Save

If you found that you were spending money on a lot of insurance, home services (such as internet, cable, phone), classes or magazines, bundle to save! Get a subscription to our favourite magazine instead of buying from a store, use the same provider for insurance and home services as they usually give a discount for multiple products. And get a membership to your gym, pool or dance studio instead of paying for individual classes. You can usually save a ton of money by being loyal to the services, products and companies you already enjoy.

Shop Around

If your attempts at bundling with current services didn’t work, shop around to get a better deal elsewhere. Shop around for groceries, clothes, shoes, home decor, car repairs and so on. Pretty much everything can be purchased second hand or at discount stores. Often the thrill of finding a deal can improve your state of mind as well as your bank balance.

Improve Your Health

Improving your health and mental wellbeing can greatly increase your cash flow. When you’re depressed you can’t work as well, you might even need to take time off work for your health which reduces your income and to save money. Poor health leads to taking costly medications for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. Eating out at fast food restaurants instead of preparing meals at home is also a big knock to the bank account. Examine your health habits and find ways to cut costs as well as your waistline.

Seek Help from a Professional

Visit your bank or get advice from a financial advisor if you are serious about saving money. These are free services designed to help you get out of debt and into saving and living  worry free about money. They will help you stick to your budget, save and pay down debt all at the same time. Do not be embarrassed by your situation. 

Share Your Successes

It’s really motivating to share what’s going well! Comment below on how you saved money or increased your income.



Top 5 Tips to a Healthier You!

Top 5 Tips to a Healthier You!

With Spring right around the corner, our thoughts turn to spending time outdoors, becoming more active, and oh-no! getting rid of winter flab! Don’t panic, 90 days is all it takes to buckle down and change your routine towards living a healthier life! If you’re not sure where to start, read on for 5  simple, free tips to reduce bloating, curb cravings and boost your energy! It’s not always what we eat, but HOW we eat that can make all the difference.


Chew, Chew, Chew, and Chew Some More!

Most people only chew their food 3 times before swallowing. Our saliva contains enzymes that help to break food down and allow our bodies to absorb nutrients. If you only chew a couple times then swallow, you won’t have the benefit of these enzymes. Your stomach will then have to work harder to break your food down and you won’t get those energy-boosting nutrients. If you only chew a couple times, you also run the risk of experiencing bloating, cramping and IBS. Chew your food at least 15-20 times before swallowing.

Eat With All Your Senses

While you are chewing, be mindful of the taste, texture, smell and visual appeal of your food. Many people eat mindlessly, shoving food into their mouth while watching tv, scrolling through Facebook or driving. When you start considering your food more mindfully, you may discover that unhealthy, boxed or pre-packaged meals have little taste, and are unappealing. By simply being mindful of what you put into your body, you will automatically start to make healthier, more conscious choices for yourself.

Think First, Eat Later

Have you ever been so hungry you could eat anything? When we are starving, we will grab at anything-a box of crackers, a bag of chips, fast food, and so on, just to satisfy the hunger. But if you plan ahead, at least an hour before you are actually hungry, then you will make much healthier choices. Meal planning and preparation will make a huge impact on your health plan and will contribute greatly to reducing unhealthy snacking, sugar cravings and will definitely boost your energy and excitement around your new healthy lifestyle.

Tune In To Your Body

Every magazine has a different headline as to what diet or exercise routine is best. But really, your own body knows what is best for you. Listen to that little craving your body has for movement. Maybe it’s as simple as stretching for a few minutes after you wake up and before lunch. Maybe your body wants to ride a bike like when you were a kid or splash in a pool. However your body wants you to move, honour that!

Find an Accountability Partner

It’s so easy to slip into old patterns if we don’t set ourselves up for success. Think of yourself as a pioneer, cutting a new path through unmapped territory. It’s going to be difficult at first, but as you continually make your way down the same path, those obstacles will be removed and the path will become easier. A partner or coach can help you navigate obstacles, set goals and keep you on track towards your health plan. 

Are You Still Craving More?

If you are really ready to change your health for the better and make a positive impact on your life, book your FREE Breakthrough Discovery call with LesadaHealth. During this 30 minute call, you will find out what has been holding you back from achieving your goals, develop a new action plan that you can get excited about and have some powerful breakthrough moments surrounding your current beliefs. BOOK YOUR FREE CALL NOW!