As I wind down my business of Lesada, I am left wondering what to do next and what to do with the remnants of Lesada. We are always transitioning, aren’t we? Perhaps you are like me as you transition from man to woman. Are you left wondering what to do with things that were once important in your life, but now mean nothing? Let’s take a look at some of those things.


We take photos for many reasons. Photos help us remember special times, places, people and events. Photos can be used temporarily to show others things like trip scenery or a cool item we found in a store. So what to do with photos of yourself when it’s no longer yourself? In my opinion, I think we should only hold onto things that bring us joy. If the photo reminds you of a wonderful memory, keep it. If the photo makes you proud of how far you’ve come since it was taken, keep it. But if it casts a shadow on your life and brings up memories you wish to forget, get rid of it. I am pleased to say, that all the photos of my clients and times I spent with Lesada are very happy, proud moments, and I will be keeping them dear.


I’m left with a stack of Lesada postcards, business cards and product stickers that are no good to anyone. But I love them and I spent money on them and it seems like a waste to throw them out. But perhaps it’s a waste to hold onto them. Things like this turn into clutter and take up space for new things that the universe is trying to fit into my life. What sort of things are you holding onto that mean something only to you? Maybe it’s an old driver’s licence, articles of clothing, manly colognes or jewellery. Whatever it might be, purge those things and leave a space for your new life to enter.

Hold onto mementos and photos that bring you joy, release the rest.

Spaces in Your Life

Another thing I am left with is the studio of Lesada. The heart of everything, where all the transformations took place. What will become of it now? My husband keeps whispering “Man Cave” in my ear, but no, it will not ever be that! Do you have a space in your life that is crying out for a transformation as well? Maybe it’s time to redecorate your home to reflect your feminine life. Try replacing your bedding for something more feminine or switching out the pillows on your couch. A coat of paint creates a magical transformation with little investment. This article can help you feminize your office. Look around you with new eyes and re-imagine your rooms with more femininity.

People In Your Life

Over the course of 5 years, I have come into contact with a large number of people because of Lesada. Now that I am no longer doing Lesada, I doubt that those people will be interested in me, or I in them. So I am also contemplating purging my email and phone contacts, Facebook friend list and the large stack of business cards that has accumulated. This may be the case with you, as you transition to full time femme. There are probably many people who you can safely presume will no longer be needed in your life. These people might be old friends, support group leaders or friends made as you transitioned. Perhaps your contacts are just paper handouts from info sessions you attended or social events you explored. If you let those contacts go, you will feel a great sense of release and relief! If those people are meant to stay in your life, they will, and you will find each other again when it’s necessary. As you let them go, don’t worry that they might miss you, or forget about you or not be able to find you. They will find you when they need you.

Make it Ceremonial

When we think of transitions and changes we are excited about all the new things! But there’s always an ending of something when a new thing is beginning. Before you leap into something new, acknowledge the end of what was before. When you purge the old, take a moment and give thanks for it. Say “Thank you for giving me this time in my life and these experiences. Without it, I would not be this beautiful person who is here now. Without it, I wouldn’t have met these wonderful people I am now letting go. Thank you for all that has been and thank you for all that will be.”

Mark your endings with a ceremony to give thanks

Let go of the past and welcome all the new things for which you have now made room!

I love you and thank you for everything. Leanne


2 thoughts on “Thankful Endings”

  1. Hi Leanne. I know that we only met a few times, but I came to know you as a friend. You have made a difference in my life, though out my transition. I wish you all the best for the future, and I know that no matter what you decide to do, will be amazing. Thank you so much!
    Love, Jamie. 💕

    1. Thank you Jamie, you made a difference in my life too. You are so lovely and the work you are doing to help others is so needed. We will keep in touch, Hugs, Leanne

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