The world is definitely changing for the better! Cosmetics shops are introducing free classes for transgender women and giving free makeovers to people. Hairdressers are advertising that they are trans-friendly and clothing stores are offering gender neutral clothing. All of this is wonderful! When I started Lesada, this is the direction in which I wanted the world to go.  But it leaves me wondering why has it taken so long?

The Past

Lesada has been around for over 5 years. This hasn’t been long enough for many of my clients, but has also been cutting edge, ahead of the rest of the world. Five years ago, when Lesada opened, I offered cosmetics lessons to crossdressers and transwomen long before the term transgender was prevalent in the media.

Over the course of the past five years I have heard so many stories, met so many wonderful people and changed so many lives! I have always listened to what you want and need. Amazing confidence-building experiences and quality products were added to my inventory, as I could, to serve you better. My expertise has really flourished and I offer my expertise to you weekly, for free, through blog posts, free telephone calls and quick email response times. My studio is small, but very private, professional, beautiful and clean. All my clients feel special during their private one-on-one appointments.

The Present

I strive everyday to be a voice in the world on your behalf. Speaking on your hardships and recounting your successes. How proud I am when I receive an email or phone call about that one little step further someone has pushed themselves!

I work closely with my crossdressing clients, so I know exactly what’s needed and I have an unbiased view of your unique situation. Because I hear all of your stories, I have all of your experiences to draw on, not just my own. This makes me a great life coach and voice in the community. I am able to look at deeper issues and offer you much more than just makeup and clothing advice.

I am able to connect you to each other because I am connected to you! I promoted friendship through my Girl2Girls friend match up program and am constantly connecting people personally who need a mentor or friend. All this I do for free because I truly believe it’s important to encourage confidence in each other.

Lesada is focussed on beauty, empowerment and obtaining a natural, feminine look. Differing from many transformation boutiques, Lesada is far removed from fetishism, drag queen looks or sexual releases. Lesada is a beautiful space where you are encouraged to bring a friend or partner with you. This aspect has attracted many clients who are 50+ years of age, business owners, married, with children. Lesada is an open, inviting atmosphere. It is through beauty and empowerment, not through fetishism, that Lesada has made crossdressing more acceptable in the world. Many of my crossdressing clients have finally been able to feel the thrill of going out shopping or for lunch while dressed with me for the first time.

The Future is Now

I have been planning many exciting additions to the already amazing experiences offered at Lesada! As I work so closely with my clients I can see a great need for support and resources for wives and partners of crossdressers. More and more people are stepping out in confidence as I have encouraged you to do. This has left many wives to work through life changes as well. So, I am now offering coaching to couples and wives. This coaching is a strong support to encourage the healthy inclusivity of crossdressing into your relationship.

To stay ahead of the times, I am writing a guidebook for wives, speaking at women’s groups and connecting couples for friendship. I have also started a Facebook group called Crossing Paths, which is exclusively for cis-gendered female partners of crossdressers and transwomen. This really excites me, because there are little resources like this available to partners. The resources that are out there seem to be sexual or heavily biased by the author’s own experiences. Coaching is available through Leanne at Lesada right now! And the guidebook will be available in 2019.

Another exciting addition at Lesada is an online shopping page on my website. You will never have to wonder about the quality of products when ordering online at Lesada. I have chosen the best! And I made sure that shipping is free to you, because having to pay for shipping really sucks! Right now, the online store is only available to Canadians, which in itself is highly unique. And of course, all items are shipped in plain packages, for utmost discretion.

The last announcement that needs to be made is I am lowering the cost of my services. Yes, that’s right! I want you to be able to experience Lesada and everything that I am offering here. At Lesada you can have the complete look – the makeup, the clothes, the wigs, the breasts, and all the photos to create an unforgettable memory. Anywhere else you will have to experience your look piece by piece. And it’s just not the same. At Lesada you can enjoy all the feminine time you want. Unlike at a store, where they are on to the next person, Leanne allows you to take as much time as you need.

I really hope that you choose to invest in yourself by visiting Lesada! I am here for you and your partner, now, more than ever. Lesada will continue to offer the best experience you can imagine, full of love, acceptance and confidence! The future is now at Lesada!

~~Love Leanne


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