Two weeks ago I got married! My Bridesmaids, Man of Honour and I got ready inside Lesada studio. It was really a magical experience! All the hype, the planning, the emotions, came together into one big experience that made me realize how my own Lesada clients must feel when they are with me! It was really eye opening and thrilling and I want to share what the experience truly feels like!

Planning Ahead

As we all know, there is an incredible amount of planning that goes into a wedding. But only the bride knows just how much planning is involved. There are so many details to be worked out!

As with a visit to Lesada, some clients may have a lot of planning to do. You may need to rearrange your work schedule, rent a room, even concoct a story. But the most important plan is packing everything! Just as with a bride, there is a major trousseau to assemble in advance. I had a checklist of everything – veil, shoes, pantyhose, lacy panties, something old, new, borrowed and blue, fancy handbag, lucky penny in my shoe, and of course THE GOWN! Lucky for me, I only had one dress option! Many of my clients bring multiple outfits and I help them choose what they are going to wear for their special day at Lesada.

The Night Before

I did not sleep well the night before. My emotions were heightened, I was worried I had forgotten some major detail. I was excited and charged up! Tomorrow was the big day! I tried to sleep, but ended up waking at 4:00am. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I got up and crept around the house not wanting to wake the rest of my bridal party. I got a drink, went to the bathroom and stepped out, in the dark, onto my back deck to do yoga. I was ready to face the day. I sent an intention to go with the flow, have fun and enjoy every moment!

My Lesada clients feel this way too. They tell me they are so excited when they arrive in London the night before! All the planning and emotions come to a head and miraculously, the day of the big event, things just relax and we live in the moment together.

Arrival at Lesada

When I entered Lesada the day of my wedding, I felt a rush of beauty, hope and love for everything that I had accomplished to bring me to this special day. I was overcome with pride in myself. I had endured so many obstacles in life, increased my confidence and self worth and made a lot of decisions to get me to this wonderful day, my wedding day!

As the owner of Lesada, I feel this same rush for my clients as they enter the doors. So much has happened to my clients to get them to the point of being able to walk through my doors for the first time. I am so proud of all of my clients! Many people are in awe of my small studio, but I know they are also in awe of themselves! They are standing there, amazed that today is finally the day!

Getting Settled

I already had my trousseau set up in a photogenic display and my table was cleared off to await Ashley, the hairdresser and makeup artist. But, should you visit Lesada, getting settled may include getting dressed. If you arrived in drab, you would first change into your feminine clothes and shoes. But, if you brought a large gown, such as my wedding dress, you could stay in a robe, as I did. It’s just too hard to walk around in a huge gown! I began my day with Ashley by choosing a Spirit Girl Seed Card. These cards are uplifting messages from your spirit and really set the intention for the day.  I always start my clients off with a card as it centres our thoughts and gives us a breath before the transformation begins.

My trousseau, all assembled

The Transformation

Ashley, my long time friend and hairdresser, did my hair and makeup. She pinned my hair up, which I have been growing out for a year for the occasion. It was all curled and pinned and swooped and I looked at myself in a whole new way! I haven’t had my hair this long in many years and I felt so pretty and special, very different from a usual day. I felt all grown up and couldn’t wait to show everyone how much hair I had!

curled, pinned and swooped

Then she did my makeup. I was at her mercy and just as most of my clients do with me, I said “Just do what you want.” Her methods were different from mine, but I stayed quiet and relaxed into the featheriness of her brushes. I tried to peek at what she was doing but then I thought, “No, I’m just going to look when she’s done!”

It was such a surreal experience and I loved being on the receiving end of what my clients feel when they are visiting Lesada. I wanted to experience everything! Ashley asked me if I wanted false lashes. I had talked to Jerry, my future husband about it. He wasn’t too keen. I told Ashley this.  She’s so awesome, she asked me “What do YOU want?” and in that moment, I wanted it all! I said “I want false lashes today.” Because really, if not today, then when? So she said, “Then you’ll have false lashes today!”

applying false lashes

It was then time to dress. The photographer had arrived! He took some pictures of me in my robe, touching my gown and looking in the mirror. Then he left so I could get dressed. It was a stressful time because my girls were in the house getting dressed along with trying to dress the flower girl and ring bearer. It was Ashley who actually ended up doing up my dress and tying on my beaded belt. She also fixed my veil in place.

I often help clients get dressed by doing up zippers, cinching corsets, fiddling with tiny shoe buckles and so on. Having an assistant to help you dress feels so special and royal, doesn’t it?

The Big Reveal

Prior to the big day, I had tried on my shoes and walked around the house to break them in. I had tried on the dress numerous times to get the fit just right. I had sat in Ashley’s chair for a trial run on my hair. But the wedding day was the first time all the elements were put together. I had never had the entire look on at the same time before. The photographer moved the mirror in front of me and I gasped! Again, just as my own clients respond, I was beaming! Wow! Was that me?! I couldn’t believe it!

I am always gleeful when my clients say “I had no idea I could look this good!” They stare at themselves, some get teary eyed, and many want lots of photos!

This was the case with me! I did all those things, then the photographer came in and we got down to business with the photos. So many photos!

The big reveal!

A Dream Day

All the planning, stressing, high emotions, everything paid off! The day was better than I could have hoped. I had so much fun, being the centre of attention, a bride! Everyone was smiling at me, knowing I was celebrating a wonderful day.

It’s like this when I go out with clients too. It’s a celebration of becoming your true self! People smile at you, are very helpful and proud of you. Some of you may be surprised, but when I am out with clients for lunch or shopping, that is the reaction we get. The world is changing and people are welcoming and loving.

Thank you for reading my experience on the receiving end of transformations at Lesada. It has really given me an insight as to how my clients feel and what they experience.

I invite you to share in the Lesada experience! I would love to welcome you here and assist you with your own personal transformation. You are definitely worth it. And now that you know how wonderful it cam be, you simply must experience it yourself!

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